Precision Finishing for Unparalleled Shine, Durability, and Corrosion Resistance

What Is Electropolishing?

Electropolishing is a metal finishing process that involves the removal of a controlled layer of surface material through electrolysis. This method enhances the metal’s surface, providing a smooth, shiny, and corrosion-resistant finish.
The first thing that comes to mind with electropolishing is that it makes the part look bright and shiny, and it does.
However, there are many functional advantages: Up to 20 times better corrosion resistance than either nitric or citric passivation.

This method removes metal ion by ion. This gives you the ability to achieve improved effects on the surface of your part. It reduces surface area and smooths the surface making biofilm formation more difficult and cleaning easier.

How It's Done

A positive charge is applied using a direct current power supply. Metal is dissolved from the surface. A typical electrolyte is a mixture of inorganic and/or organic acids.


Smooth, bright parts with no directional lines, hygienically clean parts which resist biofilm growth, sharpening of edges, leaving no burr, stress relieving of the surface, improved fatigue life, excellent surface preparation for plating or anodizing, removal of laser or EDM recast, lowers friction and surface drag, electropolished parts are easier to clean and sterilize, creates a corrosion resistant layer rich in Chromium dioxide (CrO2), radium (Ra) improvement of surface roughness of up to 50%, Can reach areas inaccessible to mechanical finishing.

Corrosion Resistance

By removing surface imperfections, electropolishing increases the piece’s resistance to corrosion.

Fatigue Life Improvement

Electropolishing removes surface imperfections that could compromise a part’s life span.


The process of removing the small imperfections known as burrs from machined metal products


Remove microscopic peaks from welding, forming and stamping. Surface smoothness can be extremely beneficial in the production of valves and gears.

Decorative Appearance

By eliminating or minimizing stains, heat discoloration and minor scratches, electropolishing can bring out the metal’s natural shine.

Ultra Cleaning

The removal of rust, imbedded scale and other foreign debris. This can be accomplished without stressing the piece or negatively impacting surface hardness and integrity.