Rotary Machine

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Enhancing Production Efficiency

The Rotary Electropolishing Machine can be configured to meet your process requirements and specified needs: Ultrasonic cleaning and rinses, acid treatments, air knives, and drying stations.

High production rates can be achieved because each station can have a fixture full of parts at all times. Fixtures can be designed to handle a wide variety of parts. Barcoding can be used to automatically adjust process time and voltage/current.

The R-500 Rotary Electropolishing Module is the first choice for high production with consistent results. Ideal for small parts; it’s commonly used in the medical field.

The R-500 with one operator can process hundreds or even thousands of parts per hour. A computer-controlled pneumatic lift system coupled with a fast and accurate electric indexer and automatic cycle controls will give you years of simple accurate low maintenance and assistance operation.