The first thing that comes to mind with electropolishing is that it makes the part look bright and shiny, and it does. But there are many functional advantages: It is the best kind of passivation, up to 20X better than either nitric and citric passivation. It reduces surface area and smooths the surface making biofilm formation more difficult and cleaning easier.Here is a list of some of the benefits of electropolishing. Please call us to discuss this or any questions you may have

Benefits of Electropolishing

•   Up to 20x better corrosion resistance than passivation

Smooth, bright parts with no directional lines

Hygienically clean parts which resist biofilm growth

Sharpening of edges, leaving no burr

Stress relieving of the surface

Improved fatigue life

Excellent surface preparation for plating or anodizing

Removal of laser or EDM recast

Lowers friction and surface drag

Electropolished parts are easier to clean and sterilize

Creates a corrosion resistant layer rich in CrO2

Ra improvement of surface roughness of up to 50%

Can reach areas inaccessible to mechanical finishing